Data Backups

Your web sites are totally backed–up with us

We make back–ups of your site content regularly, which suggests that you never risk losing your web site files, web apps, databases, e–mail messages, etc. due to hack assaults or unintended deletions on your part. Besides, through the File Manager available in the Web Control Panel, you can create manual back–up copies of your website content anytime. Simply mark and zip the directory(ies) you want to back up and our system will save it for you in the location that you’ve picked.

VPN Access

Secure, private web site browsing

If you would like to remain truly anonymous whilst surfing the World Wide Web, we offer you a simple solution. With any of our web hosting plans, you will be able to obtain VPN access. We will redirect all your incoming and outgoing traffic through one of our virtual private network data centers, making your cyber footprint untraceable. And you’ll get VPN access irrespective of what web–connected device you’re using.


A safe and secure web app firewall

Our company offers an instant way of shielding every web app in your cloud hosting account, no matter if it’s freshly installed or has been imported from a different hosting provider. All our web hosting plans include ModSecurity – a web app firewall software, which is activated by default. We have configured it to automatically prevent the majority of hack assaults. This suggests that the moment you host your site with us, it will be safer than before.

Email Manager

A one–stop email management software tool

The Email Manager included in the Web Control Panel sports an easy–to–navigate graphical user interface with many email controls. You’ll be able to redirect electronic mails to another mail account, configure custom email filters, control the levels of anti–spam protection, create custom autoresponder messages, anti–spoofing protect your domain name, set up electronic mailing lists, and so on. Educational email management video tutorials are offered too.

Domain Manager

Control all your domains from one single place

You will be able to easily manage all your domains using the Web Control Panel–integrated Domains Manager. With a click of the mouse, you will be able to lock/unlock a domain, update name servers, set custom DNS entries, redirect a web site, park unlimited domain names and much more. Besides, you’ll be able to register and transfer bulk domains, conceal your WHOIS information or safeguard your shopping portal with an SSL certificate.

True Cloud Platform

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At Pro Website Group, we take pride in having an authentic web hosting platform – each service is dealt with by a different physical machine, which suggests that all your websites will invariably load instantly even if the system is under stress. This cloud hosting system was fully developed by us with dependability and balance in mind, and is backed up by a ninety–nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee.

Web Accelerators

A selection of software tools to improve your sites’ loading speed

Usefully integrated in the Web Control Panel you can find various Website Accelerator Instruments aimed at speeding up your dynamic, database–driven sites. By caching content, these software tools decrease the number of times a database is accessed and hence lower the server load. This will help your sites open faster and will minimize the bounce rates. You will be able to pick between a number of website accelerator tools – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js.

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