Although a standard web hosting account is generally set up automatically, there are always small setup jobs which are done manually by the website hosting service provider. The set up of a virtual or a dedicated server requires even additional efforts since a lot of time is spent to install and configure the hardware and software platform, then test the machine in order to ensure its correct functioning prior to it being handed over to the customer. In order to cover the amount of time spent on that, various suppliers have a set-up charge that you have to pay at the time you order your brand new website hosting package. In many cases, that charge won't appear before you reach the payment page and you won't see it before that on the main page next to the web hosting package attributes. In the general case, this fee is one-time and it can vary from a little to a significant amount of money depending on the company.

Setup Fee in Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans lack any sort of setup costs or any other obscured charges by and large. When you order your account, we will process your fee right away then your account will be created and activated from our system straight away. The overall cost that you will have to pay for your web hosting plan is identical all around - on your front, order & payment pages, and you won't notice or be charged anything besides that price any time. This is valid even when you obtain several accounts because it's our principle that creating trust is more important than gaining a couple of more dollars. The account activation is instant, so that you are able to proceed and start building your web sites without delay.